Friday, March 13, 2009

First Drafts: The March Madness of Writing

I love March Madness.  It's the only time of the year I watch basketball, but I just love it.  So many upsets and buzzer-beater victories, and ultimately, a crowned champion.

And with MarPrilWriMo just beginning, it got me thinking: First drafts are, in a way, like March Madness.  You're embarking on this potentially life-changing quest with an end that you (usually) know and want to reach, yet you know there will be massive obstacles along the way if you're characters are to achieve their desired ending.

There are also upsets along the way--the unpredictability factor.  Just as you never know who is going to win any given game in the tournament, in first drafts we're still getting to know the characters.  Dramatic changes can occur at the drop of a hat, upsetting your whole intended plotline.  Sometimes these changes in character or story are unexpected underdogs (figuratively speaking), and you end up rooting for them and figuring out a way to make them work.

This is one of the reasons I have always loved first drafts, and I'm falling in love with them all over again as I start my latest project for MarPrilWriMo.  So many things have happened already that I never could have expected, and it's like I'm meeting new friends.  It's magical and wonderful, and I can't wait to see what happens next (or to see how all these basketball games play out, for that matter!).


Casey said...

Yay for writing March Madness!

First drafts quite the journey, aren't they?

Tyler said...

Yes they are. And that's why I love them. Plus, they're the one time you can just write uninhibited without worrying about anyone looking at it or anything. They're the ultimate freedom.

PurpleClover said...

Dude I turned a bad guy into an undercover good guy just because I started liking his

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my plot takes a new direction. I wrote a blog about it ages ago (at least a month...haha) because I decided to add a twist and LOVED the outcome.

Kelly H-Y said...

Great comparison!