Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Extended (lazy) Absence, and What I'm Going to Do About It

Hello Everyone,

As you may or may not have noticed, I have not posted in a good, long while.  Now that I've started working full time in the last two weeks, I can blame it on being too busy, but before that I really had no good excuse.  Just Laziness.  Sloth, if you will; one of Bruce Coville's seven deadly writer sins.  Now, though, I've got a solid full time desk job where I only do real work a small portion of the day.  

Here you have it: I am going to make a decided effort to start blogging more consistently in my down-"pretending to work"-time.  I don't feel too bad for it, because in the hours that I do real work, I'm bringing in several thousand dollars for my dad's CPA firm.  So for anyone who is even still stopping by to see if I've continued NOT posting, you will see a frenzy of activity 'round here.  A veritable Rennaisance of The Singer (After my wild 8 posts in merely a month...I know, I'm a slacker even when I think I'm posting a lot).  

So stop by more often, because there should be more to see.