Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best Week EVER

Those people in that show on vh1 have nothin' on me.  Why?  Well, for starters, if you ask anyone who knows me well what my two big things are, they'll say Jimmy Buffett and Disney without hesitating (okay, they might throw writing in there, too).  As you have seen by my previous post, I already got to see Jimmy Buffett on Tuesday, and guess where I'm driving to tonight?

Yep, DISNEYLAND.  For the first time in almost five months.  Now, that might not seem like very long to most of you, but we're talking about a person here who during a single three month period two years ago went twenty-one times.  I tend to get the itch real bad after about two-three weeks, so you can imagine how I've been lately.  And it's Halloweentime, too, so I get to see all the fun and festive fall park dressings, and the Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Haunted Mansion.  Not to mention this will be my first time there since the new Toy Story Midway Mania ride has opened.  Super Duper excited about that one.

So how's that for a Best Week EVER? Now all I need is for some editor to happen on by this here blog and offer me a book deal.  Any takers? No?  Alright, I guess I'll get to putting those finishing touches on my book, then see what happens.


Katie said...

Okay - Do you you know that I am desperately trying not to take my kids to Disney world??!!!!

I mean I do LOVE Disney LAND - but oh! I don't think I would like Disney WORLD.

Too crowded... uugghhh I know I should go. I know I should. I'm just not a theme park kinda girl...

Maybe I'll reconsider.... Maybe the Disney CRUISE? What do ya think? Have you ever been on that?

Tyler said...

Desperately trying NOT to take your kids to Disney World? What is this blasphemy? Disney World wouldn't be any more crowded than the Land, that's for sure. Probably less so, because the walkways are bigger and more spaced out.

The Cruise, though, definitely consider that. I did a 4 days on Land (at Disney World), 3 days at sea park/cruise combo a couple summers and LOVED it. Did karaoke every night, naturally, and started to get recognized around the ship as "that karaoke guy." Sound familiar? haha.

Suzanne Young said...

Disney is the most awesome place ever!