Thursday, November 6, 2008

Conclusion Terror, familiar to anyone?

My manuscript has been at a standstill lately. Part of it, I know, is because I've started to work full time and thus haven't been able to devote the physical or the mental energy towards my novel. The other thing that's delaying me, though--and I hate myself for it because I'm always shaming other writers when they use it as an excuse--is my fear of the ending. In the past few weeks I've been wrestling with exactly how to reveal my big plot twist and make it realistic, and have come up empty. Just the other night, however, I am thrilled to say that it came to me in those tween sleep an' awake minutes; I quickly jotted it down, and proceeded to sleep much better that night.

So in the couple days since then, I've been jotting down more notes, building a complete revelation scene, and am very happy with what I've come up with. My only problem? Actually writing it. I don't know if it's because I haven't actually sat down and written fiction for a few weeks now, so my fiction muscle is all mushy and out of shape, or if my novel's ending just isn't working right.

No. I refuse to let my brain tell itself that. I know I've got a stellar ending. I've just been far too lazy lately; sleeping in until there's just enough time to shower, eat and go to work, hanging out with friends after work, reading other books (although that has been my medicine for writer's block, so I'll excuse that). I've got just under a month until Big Sur, and I NEED to get this thing done. I'm really hoping that looming deadline will get me spurred, just like that original Nanowrimo deadine did for my first draft back in November '06. This blog stuff isn't exactly HELPING with its distraction, but it is a decent place to vent and get it out so that there's nothing left in me but to write my ending. Speaking of which, time for Rigg to get back up on that mountain and fight those frost giants!


Suzanne Young said...

Write your little heart out!

Tyler said...

Thanks, I'm tryin'! It's starting to come now, actually. I think I was just so out of practice I couldn't find my words anymore.