Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Ruined "Holiday" Averted

Yesterday was one of my two or three favorite days of the year: Jimmy Buffett concert day.   I am one of those true Parrotheads who dresses up for every concert, and can name each song before he even starts to play, based on the couple sentences he says while introducing the song.  I've seen him five times now in the last two and a half years, and love it every time.  Last night ended up being no exception, but it did not start out looking that way.

I went to the concert with Eve, my sister Melanie, and her friend Brenda.  We arrived in time for the third song or so, and made our merry way down into our seats, which were in the front of the middle section of the amphitheatre.  Awesome seats, except for one problem: of the 100 people or so in the ENTIRE crowd of about 10,000 that were sitting down, 75 of them were probably in our section.  And they were all behind us.  Not to mention I had two hats stacked on my head (a "Goofy" Disney hat stuffed onto a wide-brimmed straw hat), so I was probably getting in the way of even a few fellow standers.  A couple people rudely told us to sit down, so I turned around and politely informed them that it's a Jimmy Buffett concert; they need to stop being lame, I'm going to enjoy myself and dance to the music.  Who the crap sits at a Jimmy Buffett concert??  So one really grouchy guy tells me to "sit down, or I'll knock you down."  WHAT?!??  I was just trying to enjoy myself, and that's exactly what I did.  I ignored him once again, turned around, and continued right on dancing and singing my lungs out.

Unfortunately, the jerk went and told security on us.  This wouldn't have been a problem, except one of the four of us had a lawn ticket (we had done a little sneaky shuffling to get us all in the closer section).  Not wanting to get kicked out entirely, I bailed before security got there and let the three girls deal with it, figuring they'd have better luck than myself.  They ended up getting three tickets in a different, equally good section, but that didn't really matter because I stumbled up to the lawn and met some awesome people that we stuck with the entire night.  Way more fun than those lame-o's sitting on their bums when Jimmy himself is telling everyone he wants to see some dancin' out there.

So bottom line, it ended up working out.  BUT, I just had to rant about the lameness of a few lame jellyfish in the sea of Parrotheads, and how they almost ruined what is comparable to my Christmas morning.  They couldn't have had any more fun sitting there than they would have listening to a live album from their couch at home.  Woulda been a lot cheaper, too.


Suzanne Young said...

I hate lame people. But I'm glad you guys had FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Pictures PLEASE!!! I wanna see that head gear!!!

Disco Mermaids said...

Wish I had been there. I loooove Jimmy Buffett!


LizR said...

Who sits down at ANY concert?!?!

Glad you had a good time anyway :).