Thursday, September 4, 2008

Subbing: The Ideal Children's Writer's Job?

I just started substitute teaching yesterday, and I think it just might be the perfect job for an aspiring children's writer. WHY, you ask? I'll tell ya...

1. You're around kids all day long, so just pick up assignments for the age of most of your characters, and you can learn a lot about how they interact with each other and their speech patterns and all that good stuff.

2. For me today, at least, you sit around and do nothing but babysit these kids all day, so on top of absorbing all their youth culture, you can either work on your book or bring one to read. So it's almost like you're getting paid to write! How many pre-published writers can say that??

3. I can't think of a 3 right now, but those 2 alone are good enough, don't you think? I do. So go out and substitute teach! It's helping the community and letting you get paid to write your book!


Katie said...

Well Tyler, it just so happens that subbing is exactly what I do in my spare time. But I much prefer the older kids. My favorite grades are 6,7,8. I haven't tried high school, but want to. And I don't like the lower grades because I don't like that they can't be still or stay in line or go to the bathroom alone...

What grades do you do?

Tyler said...

I'm signed up to do it all, I need all the money I can get. The only age I've taught so far is high school, BUT I have a fourth grade class I'm subbing on Monday, so that will be interesting! Seeing as that's my target age group for my book, I think I'll just bring my MS and read it out loud to them.

Katie said...

Good luck. I don't know about your schools, but at mine, from 4th or 5th down, you don't have any free periods and no time to read your book. You are just busy, busy, busy.

Can't wait to see if you like it.

Disco Mermaids said...

Good for you, Tyler! I think everybody on the planet should have to sub in the schools at some point in his/her life. So much fun, so interesting, and obviously the best place for research.

You are going to have a blast tomorrow. 4th out! Those little girls are just starting to get mad crushes on teachers!

DEFINITELY read some of your book to them if you find time. Better yet, hand a few chapters over to some kids for silent reading, then ask for critiques. You'll be AMAZED at the editing you'll get.

Have fun!

:) Eve

Suzanne Young said...

I agree with Katie. I loved teaching middle school. I'd like to try high school this year. I wish I was taller. I think that would help.

And yeah, you get lots of inspiration teaching. And def let them critique... just be prepared for their honesty. lol.