Thursday, May 14, 2009

Your Blog on Kindle?

I opened up Publisher's Lunch this morning and found something very interesting.  Apparently, you can publish your blog posts to Kindle and make them available for purchase for a couple of bucks.  Amazon keeps most of the profit, but I don't really think it's about the profit.

To me, this opens of worlds of opportunity for the power of the web presence.  Maybe not as a pre-published author with a few followers, but as a published author with fans who want to get the latest scoop on their favorite writer, a quick download from Kindle is all they need.  It's just another step in this new development of ebook technology.

What does everyone else think of this? Do you think it has the potential to significantly impact an author's publicity? Or is it an experiment that won't achieve success, and be out of mind in a few short months?


Christy Raedeke said...

Yikes! It's hard enough to come up with blog material - if I knew someone was paying for it I think I might freeze up.

I'm actually really surprised by this, given all the gadgets through which people can access blogs. Who would pay for content that's free if you just put down your Kindle and look at your computer or phone?

Tyler said...

That was my initial reaction too, Christy. Who would pay for something when it's so easily accessible free.

And I just NOW remembered that you can actually browse the full internet from your Kindle, so it really doesn't make sense at all. Hmmm...

But at the same time, there are a lot of people out there who spend for the sake of spending, and I could see a decent chunk of people splurging on blog posts. And since all it takes is to register with Amazon, it seems an author might as well get their name out there in one more market.

PurpleClover said... makes me concerned that eventually blogger will want a piece of the cake too. I would be worried that blogs are no longer free traffic areas. :(