Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Cousins Say the Darndest Things

I have a cousin in the third grade, who loves to read.  A couple weeks ago she was over at my grandparents' house, and they casually mentioned that I was writing a book.  Apparently that must have made a big impression on her, because not only has she decided to start writing a book of her own (go her at 8 years old!) BUT she proceeded to go to her teacher and inform her that her cousin is an author whose book is going to be published and in stores.  And now the teacher wants to have me speak in front of the class about what it means to write a book and get it published.  I certainly appreciate my little cousin's positive attitude and enthusiasm, and I wholeheartedly agree with her that I will someday be published, but I don't exactly have book deals lined up.

But I think I'm gonna do it, anyway.  Why not?  It'd be a lot of fun and great practice, and I'll be building my future fan base.  Plus, as you all know, I love to play to a crowd.  

Oh, and I gave my manuscript to my cousin Thanksgiving night and according to my uncle, she sped through it and I think finished it that night.  And apparently really enjoyed it.  So that was a nice little boost of confidence as I sit here on pins and needles waiting to hear back on my partial.


Katie said...

That's so fun! SF recently spoke to her daughter's class. I think it was the same scenario - daughter bragged, momma was asked to speak, etc...

But she really enjoyed it. She blogged about it. We probably have it under a label called "school visits." (we have labeling issues over at Plot This. - meaning we have 10,000 different labels. Each post has it's own practically)

Anyhoo...Good luck!

Hardygirl said...

Yep, did it. It was so much fun!

My daughter also told her teacher in preschool that I won a bronze medal in the Olympics for my floor routine--thank goodness I didn't get invited to do a gymnastics demonstration!

Tyler said...

Actually, I do remember that post and it was the first thing I thought of when my mom told me about it. Haha, SF, it sounds like your daughter has inherited the natural gift for storytelling! ;)

Graeme Stone said...

Aargh. I gave my tweener book to both sets of my brother and sister's kids and NO ONE READ IT. I think that's definitely the kiss of the death! So Tyler, if your cousin read it, you're on your way!