Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extra! PCPD Epidemic Sweeps the Nation!

A new disease has spread across the continental United States, and looks to potentially capture the world as well. Post Conference Partum Depression, or PCPD, as it becoming more conveniently known, is a severe form of delusional depression. When asked how such a paralyzing disease could have entered our land, doctors indicated that the bacteria that the disease grows from was likely born from a small mass of fun that gathered in the lobby every night at the 2008 SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles, CA. Symptoms include spending countless hours cycling through everyone else's blogs to read different spins on the exact same event, refusing to wear anything but red, making pillows with everyone's faces on them and sitting around in a circle to talk with them, aimlessly wandering lobbies of local hotels looking for fun people to talk to, and culminating in a series of creative bursts of energy. If you or anyone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, I am very sorry, but there does not seem to be a cure for this tragic disease arriving on the horizon of the foreseeable future. The only therapy suggested for PCPD is to continue to keep in touch with other sufferers of the disease. May fortune shine upon you and let the disease avoid your residential area.


Katie said...


I am gonna have to literally put my laptop away for a couple of days.

This post is totally laugh out loud hilarious!

Disco Mermaids said...

OMG, Tyler. I'm experiencing 5 of the 5 symptoms! Somehow I contracted a severe case of PCPD.

I tried really hard to avoid anyone who could inflict me with the disease, but you guys were so freaking irresistible, I couldn't help myself. Now I have to suffer for another 362 days??

I'm going to dedicate my life to finding a cure for this terrible ailment. Or maybe I'll just hop in my car and drive around to visit everybody...that might help.

Funny! You should be a writer. Uh, never mind.


Katie said...

Eve - I think you have a case of SNSF. See Graeme's blog to read all about it.

I apparently have it too as I have written you on several different blogs.